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- The Soldiers in World War ll (1942 - 1945) "First on Omaha"

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- The Soldiers at Fort Carson (1992 - 1995)

- The Soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 - 2004)

- The Soldiers of the Brigade Engineer Battallion (2014 - Present Day)


Looking for articles on Desert Storm and Desert Shield - I am looking for information on my old unit, the 299th Eng. Unit and its involvement in the Iraq war from 1990-1991 (Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Liberation of Kuwait, and the Cease Fire). If you have any information you would be helping me out greatly. I am having some problems with my medical claim from the VA and I need some kind of proof that they, as I know they were, were involved in combat situations and helping those who where. We were assigning to the 24th Inf. Div and the 20th Eng out of Bragg. Please help me. I have looked every where and I am hitting a wall.

Thanks in advance for the help. -



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