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Searching for 299er's that were in Painswick, England 1944 before D-Day... -

I have read with interest your web article about the 299th Combat Engineer Group. I was born and raised in a small Cotswold village called Painswick in Gloucestershire England and was in school when WW2 was taking place. A company of the 299th Combat Engineers was stationed at the Painswick House Park during 1944 and the lead up to the D Day landings I spent many hours as a young boy with them the troops were under canvas and the officers were billeted in Painswick House itself there was also a company of 164th Combat Engineers based there as well.

My elder sister who at the time was 19 years old married an American serviceman I think he was from the 299th his name was Francis Fazzalaro and he was from Fort Pierce Florida.

My reason in contacting you is that I wonder if any of your Veterans were stationed in Painswick and if so I would like to get in touch with them as I edit a magazine about Painswick and would like to include some memories of that time.

With kind regards,

David Barnes.

My e-mail address is:



Information is needed about the D-Day Gap teams containing 299th Combat Engineers -

The information that is available on record in the National Archives is incomplete and as your webmaster I am trying to fill in the blanks. I need your help in this process.

It is up to the living members and to their families to help assure that their historical records are complete. I would also like to include photos of the men listed so please let me know if one is available. This is a an important part of the 299th history and it would be a wonderful honor to have their names and photos included. People email me and want to see photos of the members of the 299th, both at the time of the war and now if possible.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Your Webmaster,

Jeannie Tucker ------------------------Please feel free to contact me:


Lionel LaFave/299th WWII - My father was Lionel "Frenchie" LaFave, who served in the 299th in WWII, where he was wounded on Omaha beach. I am trying to make a collection of medals and patches that he would have had (his originals were buried with him). If anyone could give me a list I would greatly appreciate it. I am especially interested in getting a 299th patch.
I would also like to hear from anyone that might remember my Dad.
Thank you very much. -


Dave Rosenthal /299th WWII - My name is Jeffrey Rosenthal. I'm one of 3 grandson's of the late Dave Rosenthal from Binghamton, NY. On this day, I find it appropriate to express my utter respect and grattitude to all Veterans of this country. However, I more specifically wish to express my deepest admiration of my grandfather and the men he served with.

On this 11th day of the 11th month of 2006, I am filled with pride as I fondly recollect the history of the men of the 299th. I wish to acknowledge these men for all of their heroics, sacrifice and dedication. I, along with the world, honor them today with total appreciation.

I've always been a passionate consumer of WWII history and discussed often with my grandfather, his experiences during his service. I am however, always eager to learn more about this most dynamic period of history so if I could get in contact with some of my grandfather's surviving comrades, I would appreciate it very much. I have met several members of the 299th at reunions when I was younger and met a few more recently at my grandfather's funeral. I hope they will be open to getting in contact with me.

With sincerity,

Jeffrey A. Rosenthal -



Looking for information on JT Pardue and other members of the 299th-WWII-Omaha Beach who are buried in Colleville Sur Mer's cemetary.

My name is Jean-Marc Masotta and I am a teacher at a high school (12-16y ear olds) in Bain de Bretagne - west France. I live in a region called Bretagne, near the city of Rennes. I wrote to you because I was looking for some informations about a soldier, menber of the 299th who died at Omaha beach, in Normandy, the 6th of june 1944 : JT PARDUE.

My students and I are going to go to the Collevile Sur Mer's cemetery, on Tuesday, March 27th 2007 and we would like to put some flowers on 10 others soldiers graves. We feel that we have to do something, for these brave men, who died for freedom.
Our students could work in small groups with the American families who would agree to share what they remember of these soldiers, and, in exchange, our students could achieve something for the families : as reading a poem, or praying in front the grave...
This project will make our students realize that under each cross lied a human being who lived and suffered and that there are still families who remember them after all these long years...Moreover, it would be very interesting for our students to communicate with Americans and it would help them understand their history.

Here is a link to the website of the Fleurs De la Memoire Association (Flowers of Memory) This group does a wonderful service for he families of those buried at Colleville-sur-Mer and Saint James in Normandy (France).

The Objectives of the Association

This association is created to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers, sailors and airmen buried in the American Cemeteries of Colleville-sur-Mer and Saint James in Normandy ( France ), by placing flowers on their tombs.

Preamble :

Peace is precious and it has a price, it is an effort, always it is of blood, and too often its price is paid by men's lives. The peace we know in Normandy and France was paid for by the sacrifice of the young lives of Allied soldiers.

In the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer there are 10,944 brave Americans remembered; in the American Cemetery in Saint James the markers of 4,908 Americans remind us of the supreme sacrifice paid for France's liberation from the yoke of the Nazis. Today we know the liberty and happiness of freedom. We can never forget those that are buried in our country. Two generations have passed that to do not know the horrors of war.

Objective :

Nothing is truly won, it is imperative that we do not hide the past to preserve the future. Therefore in a gesture of respect, of remembrance and of friendship, the families and members of the association "Les Fleurs de la Mémoire" commit in writing : to lay a bouquet of flowers on the grave of a soldier, one time per year, if possible on the American Memorial Day, to remember the sacrifices of these brave men.

The grave that the family will put the flower upon will be the grave of a soldier that fought in the region. The grave will be determined by the association, the association will inform the family of the grave by giving it a card to that effect.

The family that takes responsability for placing flowers on the grave will pass this responsability on to its children to ensure the perpetuation of the obligation. In the case that it is impossible to place a bouquet of flowers on the tomb annually, please inform the association and if possible find another family to take the family's responsability.

Thank a lot for your help.
For all the employees and teachers of the level "3èmes" of our school.




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