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Thanking the US Army & the 299th - I was PFC John A. Pelosi under CPT. Miller, LTC's Aylor & Dries. I was briefly with the 299th but, received 2 AAM's. One in July 1988 & a second in Sep. 1989. I was discharged from active duty in 1989 & received the Good Conduct medal. During Operation Desert Storm I decided to join my local USAR unit which was the 411th COMBAT ENGR BN (heavy) on Maui. I achieved the rank of E-5. I stayed with the 411th till my military obligation was met (1987 thru 1994). I received an Honorable Discharge Certificate & a Certificate of Recognition for my service during a period that was part of the cold war.
I used my Army college fund to acquire a BA. I was young when with the 299th but, I learned allot. My MOS was 63B & I felt we had some relics like 880's & ancient dumps but, we did our best to keep them somewhat functional. I was @ NTC twice with the 299th & a little stint @ ft. Bliss. It seemed as though even our Motorpool buildings were forgotten in time but, things really got better. We received hummers & hemmits while I was their.
Currently I live in AZ. I am proud of my military background & will always be thankful to my fellow soldiers, CPT. Miller, the LTC, the 299th, the 411th, & the US Army for who I am today. Just an average USA Joe.

Sincerely, John Angelo Pelosi -



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